Today we fly from Sydney to Cairns, where the road trip to Adelaide is going to start.
It is around 12:10 that we land in at the Cairns airport. The temperature is around 25 °c , with a high humidity , tropical weather.
The City with almost no high buildings, houses in different styles and full of Asian restaurants . Even in sovenior shops Asian girls are working as sellers. Passing through some shopping malls passages , and streets,reminds me of the ones I have seen before in Malaysia, Thailand and china. Even I can see many Thai foot massages on some passages , the same as what I saw once in Bangkok.

Walking under trees, I can hear some birds are crying on the top of trees. Ivan tells me not to stay under those trees and pass faster. When I passes the trees,he tells me to look at bats on the top . They are actually,bats and not birds and if you stay under the tree with bats on the top, they can shit on you . Thanks to Alan, now I know that they are called Flying Foxes ,as they are really big.

We walks along the beach, have a look around and eat some Asian food.
We need to go back to the hostel and take a rest, Tomorrow the road trip starts.

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