On Savannah way, Cairns to Undara volcanic national park

16th october 2017, around 8:00 in the morning, we take a taxi from our Hostel to the car rental company, to pick up our car and start our journey through the heart of Australia.. what I see on the taxi is that they record your voice and take photos of you on the taxi in case they need to use it later. this is what I have never seen somewhere else, you are always under control.

the car rental company tell us that this is the last journey for this car, even if the car is almost new for Australian roads and worked around 30000 km, and they will give the car back to Toyota for a service and they get a brand new car.



me and Ivan

30057 km.jpg

30057 km, first day before the start of the journey

The first stop is Heals outlook on Gillies range road, on the state of Queensland. a short brake to take some picture and go further . this is not a place can be found also on google , we just see the sign and spontaneously decide to stop.


Driving further the next stop is Mobo Creek Crater , in Danbulla National Park in the state of Queensland. There is a Circuit walk around 600 Meter.


Further on the way,we have a stop on a very strange cathedral, with a very unusual structure for a cathedral that makes it different from all other cathedral I have ever seen, Cathedral Fig Tree.



On the way we decide to have a look at some waterfalls as well, one of them Millaa Millaa Falls.


Our destination for today is Undara Volcanic National Park, where where we can have a rest and get ready for the next day.


on savannah way, close to Undara National Park


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