on Savannah way,Undara National Park to Cobbold Gorge

16th October 2017,The first night in camping place in the Undara national park, is a new experience for me. I have never been in a camping place . The Kitchen is equipped with what you need to cook, or even BBQ places. we set up our tent and go for dinner. Tomorrow we will have some tour in the national park .

17th of October 2017,Today we  have a tour on the Undara national par, and we can   see the archway made by volcano activities . on the way I see the first kangaroo , and then the first Australian  Bush Turkey in my life.


Australian Bush Turkey


Undara National park


The Archway ( lava Tube)

We are told that there are some years that the Lava tubes can be filled with water due to heavy rain and people come here to swim. There is a video you can see heremade by the national park authorities : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJhjl1B_-sI

After the tour we leave Undara National park toward Cobbold gorge, where we stay at night and we will have a tour by the bout on the gorge.

Here are some pictures from the way toward Cobbold gorge.



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