On Savannah way, from Cobbold Gorge to Normanton

18th October, it is around 8:00 o’clock. the sky is clear, the sun is already up and it is a pleasant weather to Jump on a boat and have a tour on Cobbold Gorge.  But before that we have walk on the area around the Gorge .The rocks around the gorge have been formed due to  natural forces over thousands of years.


Cobbold Gorge From above


Happy Crocodile above the Gorge

After the walking tour we take a small boat to go around the Gorge. There is also possibility of  Paddle tour on the same gorge .


our tour boat


Tour on the Gorge


The bird on the Gorge


One of the Gorge Inhabitants

The tour ends and we continue our way  toward the city of Normanton. On the way I can see the first, I think, EMU in my life, But he is so fast and I just see him, or maybe her for a short time.


Most parts of the way are so narrow that if another car comes infrnt, both cars should drive a bit outside the way to be able to pass each other. The worst is when a road train appears, No way that they reduce the speed and give you some way. You need to know that you are responsible for your life.



we have a stop for  lunch  in what I call  Shop-Restaurant , that i have seen just in Savannah way. what I realize is that all the burgers in Australia is very big. Even there is Steak Burgers that are really really big. The other thing is the presence of beetroot on almost all burgers.


One typical Australian Shop-Restaurant on the savannah way


Big burger with ginger beer

we pass two other cities to reach Normanton, Georgetown and  Croydon , Both are small cities with house that I do not believe are more than fifty .

it is getting dark and we do not think we reach the Normanton before 8:00 pm.  According to the map, there is a camping place before the city and there is one in the city, so we aim to stop on the first one before Normanton.

driving at night is not advisable on outback. The first problem is that there are many many kangaroos standing beside the way and  you never know when they jump in front of your car. Ivan is driving now , and I cannot count how many times he has to reduce speed to avoid kangaroos. The second problem that makes the situation even worse is the big insects that are also on the way, and when they hit the windshield  they explode like a hell and make the windshield dirty with blood that makes it even more difficult to drive on the night. Ivan has more experience in driving, so I am happy that he is doing it now . even if it is a not easy ride, we laugh every time a big Insect hit the car and make a big reddish brownish mark on the shield.


The Windshield  when drivng at night on outback

When we reach the Camping place, we see the sign ” Closed” so we drove further to  Normanton. We hope that the Camping place in the city is open.

it is around 8:00 PM, we reach the city and find the camping place, but it is also closed. We call the number we have from the camp, but a machine answers and says that we need to call back again tomorrow in the morning. driving at night, getting to two closed camping place , is a bit frustrating. we try to find a place to sleep in a hotel in the city, but neither if the  hotels that we visit have no empty room for us. we decide to go out of the city, and sleep close to the first camping  place we passed.

I am nervous tonight while Ivan is calm. I have never been in a situation like that , and I am a bit scared of sleeping outside the  official camping place.

Tomorrow will be a better day, for sure.


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