Boodjamulla National Park

around 8:00 in the morning,  20th October. It is supposed to be a warm day. we are going to take the one-hour long guided cruise along tranquil Lawn Hill Creek winding through the  Lawn Hill Gorge, in Boodjamulla National Park. The area of the national parks belonged to a Waanyi people, who are among the aboriginal people of Australia. According to Waanyi stories, Boodjamulla  who is the creator of all other animals in the Dreamtime and he is a spiritual person to them.He is the one who created the all animals, the billabongs, green swapns and bush tucker in the Lawn Hill area. He rests on the Lawn Hill Gorge and should not be disturbed .


Also Waanyi people believe that you are not allowed to pollute the water, otherwise Boodjamulla will get angry.


They also believe that Boodjamulla has created the water of the river as a healing water.


after reading about Boodjamulla, the tour started. I am wondering if we can disturb Boodjamulla with our presence or maybe with the sound of our Cameras. Maybe I can see him , then I wish he is not angry and friendly with guests.

IMG_3366.JPGIMG_3347.JPGIMG_3350.JPGthere are some water falls on sides of the gorge , listening to waterfall is always pleasant. also feeling  the  flow of cool air around the fall on the skin is something you would like to experience when the temperature is around 30 degree centigrade. Therefore our tour guide turns the boat toward  all the falls to let us experience the freshness.  He  explains that in this time of the day it is not common to see a crocodile , because it is simply too hot for them. But it seems we are not the only one who are getting close to waterfalls, there is another Boodjamulla’s creature who likes the freshness of the fall.IMG_3358.JPG

after the boat tour we have some time to take a walk around the national park and see the river and the area around from another view.


after the tour we go back to our camping ground, where one of the neighbors in the camp asks us if we have a problem with ants or not. He explains that they had millions of ants in their car last night and they had to take the car outside the camp and clean it. He advice us that we use some chemical materials on the wheels , to prevent ants climbing the auto from the wheels. our car is a bit far from where their car is, so we did not have any experience like what they had with ants.

we want to stay one more night in this camping ground, so we have enough time to jump in the small creek behind the camping place, where they say it is safe from any crocodile .IMG_20171020_144351636.jpg






2 thoughts on “Boodjamulla National Park

  1. I just came across your blog while researching for a trip I am planning this year across the north of Australia. I live in Perth, Western Australia, and loved reading your blog. It was so interesting to hear your thoughts of visiting this country. And it is great to see that you went to some really outback places rather than just the cities.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Pip
      Thank you for your comment. I am sure you will have a wonderful journey there.
      I liked big cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but I also really liked the outback areas and the 2 weeks road trip there. Hope I can go back one day.
      I will be glad to hear/ read about your journey.


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