Down-under ,A journey to Australia, one night in Sydney

13th October, 6:00 pm ,We arrive in Sydney . We go to passport control and then to the final baggage check. We take the underground from airport to our hostel. On the way to our hostel the train stops in different stations,all are big . But the first thing that comes to my mind is the diversity of people here. You can see white ,Asian,Indian,even Iranian,and many many others. Getting off the train at Museum station, walking to I the hostel we pass by high buildings . I am from Tehran,a city with millions of people and high buildings as well,so I feel kind of good to see all of these, the things that I don’t see in where I currently live, Munich. Walking around 5 minutes in Liverpool street we reach the Capsul Hostel,where we are supposed to stay tonight. ‎

8:00 pm, Alan is waiting for us in the reception. It is always good to meet old friends after years in other side of the world, specially if they wear on their Kickball T-shirt.

I got to know Alan when he was living in Munich around 3 years ago , when I was still playing kickball. Later on he moved to his hometown, Sydney .

He shows us the Barangoo area, around the harbor and take us to a nice restaurant where we can have a dinner. I had a salad with Lamb meat, another thing that I rarely find in a normal restaurant in Munich,Lamb meat salad. Not only he is quiet curious to know the details of our road trip,but also he worries about us and tries to give us some advice about the trip. After dinner,we take a walk to the Opera Hall .

Alan tells us about the history of the city around the hall ,shows us the oldest residential house in Australia,Cadmans Cottage, and gives me some advice on what I can do when I come back again to Sydney , because I will spend the last 4 days of my journey in Sydney .

Here There are some Sydney at night ,all around the Opera House.

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